What are Renters Looking For?

Latest News/31.03.2021

Following the pandemic last year, there was a re-evaluation of renters’ priorities. Instead of looking for homes close to transport links, restaurants, bars and amenities, people were turning their attention towards properties that enabled them to adapt to the lockdown lifestyle. This included additional space for working from home, outside space by way of a private garden, balcony, terrace or shared garden, being within close proximity to outside space for exercise and a good broadband connection.

To find out what renters were looking for from their homes Zoopla has released the top search terms for those looking at new homes on the portal. The number one search term is Garden followed by Parking and Garage – indicating that people are relying less on public transport and access to their office. The fourth term was Balcony and given that many renters have bought pets to keep them company over lockdown, Pets was also a popular search term as people seek pet-friendly rentals properties.

Aside from the location and outside space available, flooring was another search term – as was rent that included bills and an ensuite bathroom with the property. There was also evidence of demand for homes close to university with Student the 10th most popular search term.

Renters’ top 10 most-searched terms 
7bills included