Supporting Tenants in Scotland

Latest News/07.10.2020

There is some good news for private tenants who are experiencing financial difficulties and unable to access certain benefits or support that will help them to meet their rental payments.

A sum of £10 million has been allocated to the Tenant Hardship Loan Fund with details of who is eligible and how to apply will be announced soon, with the loan set to be accessible from November.

An extra £3 million is being pumped into the Discretionary Housing Payment fund, which has been implemented in order to assist tenants already in receipt of benefits.

The Discretionary Housing Payment fund was originally a £60 million budget set up to mitigate the impact of the bedroom tax in Scotland. It has now been increased by £19 million including the latest £3 addition.

Scottish Housing Minister Kevin Stewart believes that these measures will ensure no one is left in a position where they cannot access support to meet their rental payments. During the same announcement, the Housing Minister extended the current ban on evictions (due to end on September 30th) to March 2021.

This means that regardless of the type of tenancy, or what kind of notice is served, or for whichever reason, all eviction proceedings will be placed on hold.

The only exceptions to this are cases involving anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse.

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