Houses are in High Demand

Latest News/22.10.2020

Following the re evaluation of tenants’ priorities following lockdown – and a continuing of restrictions on those of us living in the central belt of Scotland – it appears that houses are currently in higher demand than flats or apartments both in Glasgow and across the rest of the UK.

According to research from Howsy which looked at rental data across 22 major cities across the UK, demand for houses is currently at 29% whilst demand for apartments and flats is an average of 26%. Here in Glasgow the demand for houses is currently 59% with flats and apartments at 41%. The overall tenant demand currently stands at 42%.

Regional variations show that Belfast was as much as 69% as tenants look for more inside space to accommodate home working and spending more time at home, and a need for outside space as for many people socializing in the garden is the only way they can see friends and family at home.

However, there were some cities where flats and apartments remained the most popular option with Manchester showing the highest demand at 57% so for some major cities, the demand for apartments remains robust.

As Scotland returns to some form of normality – which looks like next year at the earliest – demand for flats and apartments should increase, especially in university towns and cities. This will be welcome news for landlords.

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