Creating a Calming, Inexpensive Garden for Tenants

Latest News/03.08.2021

Over the last year we have all learned the importance of outside space. We have been through lockdowns which caused anxiety and uncertainty. For some, not having a garden or terrace to retreat to meant that they felt cooped up and the end of lockdown represented a need to find a new home, leading to a busy housing market especially from renters who no longer wanted to be restricted by only having local parks for fresh air. 

If you are considering buying a rental property and want to maximise the appeal, how about a garden that will provide your tenants with the ideal place to calm down, relax and retreat in the sunshine.

A great garden can help you to relax and take stock, away from the stress of the outside world. What’s more it can be more effective and appealing when it’s uncomplicated, simple, and paired back. A simple abundance of flowers and colours using just a few varieties can give the space clean lines and a refreshing simplicity.

One of the key elements of a simple garden is to use fewer types of plants in greater numbers. This works well in gardens of all size – by using pots on balconies, raised beds, and hanging baskets you can create a calm and inviting space especially if you keep a larger garden as simple and as uncluttered as possible.

Ornamental grasses are a great addition to this style of garden. They are natural, easy (and fast) growing. Try Miscanthus and Pampas grasses (Cortaderia) to cover ground. Bamboo is a beautiful plant too – but grow this in pots rather than in the ground so it is easier to control.

Consider healing aromatic plants to boost your wellbeing and create a sense of calm. Lavender, thyme, mint, lemon balm and echinacea are beautifully scented and look beautiful – they grow fast and are inexpensive to plant.

If the garden is overlooked by neighbours you might want to create a shaded area by screening it off with shrubs, hedges, wall panels or even a pergola with a climbing plant over the top.

Finally, choose plants and flowers that will provide a splash of colour. Silver and grey foliage can offset the colour of flowers beautifully including Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ or ‘Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’ which produces bright yellow, daisy-like flowers which look stunning against grey and silver.

By using lighting to highlight your steps, paths and water features you’ll create a wonderful atmosphere and can highlight your favourite features throughout all of the seasons.

A Zen garden actively encourages wildlife and. Add flowering periennials, use wild flowers to attract bees and butterflies. Consider a bird feeder, nesting box and bird bath to attract different species of birds. You could also install a squirrel feeding box which can’t be opened by birds.

Last but not least, make sure you have a comfortable seating area for your tenants to relax and enjoy your their garden space – and it will look great in marketing photos!