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At Newton Lettings we focus on one thing – you. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, our dynamic team brings a personal touch to property management. We are transparent, honest and welcoming. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

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We do things differently. We understand how much your investment means to you and that’s why it’s important to us too. Being a landlord can feel like a full time job, so let us take the stress out of property management with comprehensive contractor management, timely property inspections and proactive rent collection. We believe that by helping landlords stay on top of their responsibilities, we’ll help make happier landlords and happier tenants. With Newton, you can feel confident in your portfolio investment, however big or small.

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At Newton Letting, we are committed to ensuring every one of our tenants has the best possible experience when they rent with us, not least because we hope that you will choose to rent with us time and again and believe that every tenant could one day become a landlord!

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Understanding Capital Growth and Rental Yield
Thursday 23rd July 2020
It’s important as a property investor that you make a good return from your investment. This can be from rental yield which gives you regular income, or capital growth which is the increase in value of the property over time. Your return could be from either one or both of these things.

Capital growth

This is also known as capital appreciation and refers to the increase or decrease in the value of your property or property portfolio over time. If you purchased a property four years ago for £200,000 and the current value is £250,000 then your capital growth is £50,000. There are lots of factors that can affect your capital growth such as the economy, local regeneration, new transport links, low mortgage rates boosting demand in new homes and lack of supply. It’s important to invest somewhere that property looks set to increase in value and you can usually get this information from property experts and literature surrounding what’s happening in the general property market and also within each region.

Rental yield

Rental yield is the return you make or expect to make from your property. To work out the rental yield for a particular property, you will need to know the purchase price of the property, or a current market value, and the annual rental income that you expect to receive. Take the annual rental income amount and divide it by the property value or purchase price. To convert this figure to a percentage, you will need to multiply this by 100. This percentage is your rental yield. For example, your new property purchase would give the following rental yield: Annual rental income: £10,000 Purchase price: £200,000 Rental yield: 5% A gross yield is when you take the example above and work out your rental yield. If you are trying to work out your net yield, you will need to take into account other costs such as your insurance, mortgage repayments, letting management fee and maintenance costs.


Each city and region across the UK differs in terms of rental yield as average rents vary. Recent research has shown that rental yields in Glasgow in particular are higher than in other regions. If you are looking to invest in a rental property, talk to us at Newton Lettings as we can advise you on the rental value of property across Central Scotland.  
Are You New to Property Investment?
Thursday 23rd July 2020
Property investment can be extremely rewarding – both on a personal and professional level. It can give you financial freedom, a flexible work-life balance and surprising returns especially here in Glasgow where they are higher than anywhere in the UK. However, it can be extremely daunting so it’s important to do your homework first.

Buy to Let

If you are going to let your property – either privately or via a letting agent, you need a buy to let mortgage on your property. If you have a residential mortgage, you’ll need to talk to your lender about your plans. As a landlord with a buy to let property, you have several legal obligations and responsibilities that you need to be aware of.


You will need to ensure your finances are in good order and in place before buying an investment property. Talk to a mortgage broker about your plans and find out how much you will need to invest and whether you will be eligible for a buy to let mortgage. They will also set out any additional costs and fees.


Do you have time to be a landlord? If not, can you outsource the management of your property to a letting agent? It’s important to be realistic about not only the time you have to spare, but whether you have the experience and knowledge to undertake the running of your investment property.


When buying a property to let out, it’s important to do your homework and find the right area. Are you going to buy a property where you live or are you going to buy it in a city centre, close to a university or in an area popular with young professionals. The type of property you buy has to marry with the location – there’s no point in purchasing a luxury flat in a student area nor a family home where there are no good schools. You’ll also need to decide on the type of property within that location – new build, off-plan or resale. You may even decide to visit the local auctions – but we strongly advise only doing this if you have had sound advice first. Talk to your local estate agent about rental values, the types of renters in the area, transport links, schooling and amenities. Get the advice from several agents.

Your return on investment

Rental yield and capital growth are the two ways that you can increase your return on investment. Take a look at the differences here. (link to existing blog) If you are a first-time investor, we hope you’ve found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.
The New Normal?
Sunday 10th May 2020
The Government has issued guidance to estate agents, buyers and sellers that more activity should be done online if possible. The new guideline document states "The process of finding and moving into a new home will need to be different given those involved in the process will have to adapt practices and procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of Coronavirus is reduced as far as possible” This 'new normal' will including much of the home seeking and viewing process taken online, including virtual initial viewings. The document also states that “We encourage people to do the majority of their  property searching online … To support this agents may ask home occupiers to conduct virtual viewings.” In relation to new-build property sales it advises: “Where possible, developers should promote virtual viewings.” And for conveyancers the guidance says: “Conveyancing should aim to conduct as much of their business remotely as possible. The rest of the guidance concerns social distancing, surface-cleaning and hand-washing, including agents being requested to avoid  contact with clients showing symptoms or having been advised to self-isolate, appointment viewing systems, stopping open-house viewings, enforcing 2m social distancing between individuals, clients making their own way to appointments, providing hand sanitising facilities and increasing ventilation by keeping all internal doors open during viewings. See the full guidance. At Newton Letting we will be undertaking all relevant changes to our business practices to adhere to the new rules that will come into force here in Scotland.
Rental Demand Up By a Third
Monday 25th May 2020
The return of the housing market has seen demand for rental property boom - with data from Rightmove showing activity in the first week since the lockdown in England eased, with rental demand on the portal registering at its highest ever in its 20 year history. There is a strong possibility that this will happen in Scotland.
According to Rightmove, almost 23,000 new rental listings appeared on the portal since the first day of reopening, down 10% on the same week last year. However, the total available rental stock is now up 13% since before the lockdown in March.Asking rents have risen 2.1% compared to last year, down from an annual rate of 3% before lockdown. On average they are £1,089 per calendar month across all Great Britain. This new activity on Rightmove shows that home-movers have determination to continue with their plans in the coming months. If you are looking for a suitable rental property, talk to us at Newton Letting and register for alerts.